The ATD-PressureGasSystem CARDOX® is especially engin­eered to reach the require­­ments for use during the pro­­duction with none or mini­­mum shut-down time and feeding reduc­­tion.

The build-ups can arise anytime and anywhere in: rotary kilns, shaft furnaces, waste incineration plants, cupola furnaces and their ancillary equipment such as delivery lines, cyclones, cooler systems or silo systems.

by continually developing the process and quality, we have made it to the safest, most reliable and most effective kind of Cardox-system in the world.



Experience more than 70 years

As early as 1950, ATD deve­loped all necessary equip­ment for the adap­tation of the well-known cardox-principle to other indus­trial appli­cations.

This was the launch of the ATD-PressureGasSystem CARDOX that was used in 1961 for the first success­ful cleaning of a Cement Rotary Kiln worldwide.

Quality made in Germany

ATD-Equipment are manu­factured, in Dortmund, Germany; according to modern produc­tion stan­dards and undergo very stringent quality controls; often single-piece control.

The testing of the ATD-Pressure Gas Tubes are controlled and stored digi­tally for their life­time.


The special appli­cations­ of the ATD-Pressure Gas System in hot materials require a lot of expe­rience and enginee­ring. Today's original ATD-Equip­ments reflect this tremen­dous know-how in visible and hidden details that makes it unique.


ATD and their partners offer all nece­ssary services that make dealing with the ATD-System as com­for­table as possible for our custo­mers:  

General advise, planning, con­struction, demon­stration, installation, instruc­tion, after sales services, indivi­dual solu­tions, supply of ser­vices.


Appli­cations of the ATD-Pressure Gas System grow with special require­ments. We develop conti­nual expert solu­tions to our pro­ducts and proce­dures.


ATD-Equip­ments fully corres­pond to all necessary inter­natio­nal legal and safety-techni­cal require­ments. ATD-Pressure Gas System is the World-wide leader in safety stan­dards.