We are represented at SEMTEC through our long-standing Brazilian partner DENSIT. DENSIT is the organizer of this three-day event and we represent our ATD compressed gas process CARDOX there.

Exhibition in the US

Since the corona pandemic, the IEEE-IAS/PCA Cement Conference has been started in America again.

We are exhibiting there together with the team from our subsidiary ATD-PGS and look forward to seeing familiar faces in the industry again and making new acquaintances and contacts.


2025: Birmingham, Alabama

2024: Denver, Colorado

2023: Dallas, Texas

2022: Las Vegas, Nevada

September 2019: 

Since many years, ATD invests into environmentally friendly technologies.  The avoidance of pollutants and the protection of our natural resources are one top theme of our to-do-list.

 In 2017, ATD installed a plant for the production of solar power. Between October 2017 and September 2019 we were able to produce about 83 MWh electrical energy, which were either directely used for our production or got fed into the public power grid.

ATD, hereby, achieved an self-sufficient degree of about 42% based on our electrical power consumption while we saved about 58 t of CO2 in the same period.

ATD will continue to invest into environmentally friendly technologies.


December 2017:

we completed the testing of the new ATD-Tube Head RK 46-6.

From now on, the RK 46-6 replaces the RK 455 und 455/6.