The ATD-System

Equipment and Application

ATD is offering autarkical working Systems that make the trained operators of each plant working independently and flexible whenever necessary. For practical application of the System, the following items are required:

ATD-PressureGas Tube, the principal of the procedure
• Tube Head • Tube Middle Section • Discharge Head

ATD-Operating Material, for the activation of the DG-Tube
• ATD-Generator • Copper Washer • Shear-Disc

ATD-Lockings, to safe the mount of the DG-Tube
• ATD-Base Socket • ATD-Gripcase • ATD-Safety Clap

ATD-Priming Equipment, for the controlled release of the DG-Tubes
• Priming Machine • Safety Circuit Tester • Firing Cable

ATD-Drilling Equipment, for the production of the necessary boreholes
• Rock Drill • Drill Rod • Drill Guide

ATD-Filling Equipment, for filling the ATD-PressureGas Tubes with Co2
• Liquid Pump • High Pressure Valves and Line

ATD-CARDOX-Room, for complete storage and preparation of the DG-Tube

Today's applications of the ATD-Pressure Gas System in modern industry are varied and specially designed for production requirements.

Others are reflecting the original application of the cardox principle used for the break-up of solid and compacted materials.  i.e.

  • Loosening of fertilizer and other bulk storages
  • Breaking of concrete
  • Prospecting of tunnel and shafts

 You will find more applications here.

Important advantages of the ATD-System for these applications:

  • ATD-Pressure Gas Tubes are used as "ready for action" charges. They are safe to handle and transport
  • ATD-Pressure Gas Tubes work with cold CO2 gas. It is therefore, considered safe to use in the presence of flammable gases.
  • The ATD-Pressure Gas System is especially suited and approved for loosening ammoniated compound granulas fertilizer
  • ATD-Pressure Gas Tubes offer a high rock-breaking capacity while reducing the amount of dust and loose fragments


How its been used

The ATD-Pressure Gas Tube is been used directly where the build-up occurs. As the entry to the obstruction, ATD-Base sockets are installed i.e. on the steel shell of the plant. Through the insertion hole, the ATD-Pressure Gas Tube will be inserted into the build-up with the Discharge Head in safe distance behind the refractory.

Locked with the ATD-Grip Case to the ATD-Basesocket, the DG-Tube is set to break up the deposits by the strong release of the CO2-charge.

Inside the ATD-Pressure Gas Tube, the pressure of the CO2 charge gets consequent increased by activating the ATD-Pressure Gas Generator. At a very pre-determined level, the Shear Disc blows and the released CO2-gas is directed by the Discharge Head exactly where required.

With application 150 - 600 litres CO2 volume with blasting pressures between 1500 and 2700 bar are set free, depending upon used ATD-Pressure Gas Tube. The response time amounts to approx. 40 ms.

There are 7 different type of Pressure Gas Tubes with different achievements and dimensions for the individual requirements available.

Your staff will be trained and certified by ATD-Technicians in the ATD-PressureGasSystem CARDOX.