Pressure Gas Tube and Operating Material


There are 7 different type of Pressure Gas Tubes with different achievements and dimensions for the individual requirements available.

Tube- and Dischargeheads are also available in a wide variety of designs and quantities.


ATD-Pressure Gas Generator

The different DG-Tubes require customized Operating Material, consisting of:

ATD-Pressure Gas Generators, CU-Rings and Shear-Discs


 How its been used

The ATD-Pressure Gas Tube is been used directly where the build-up occurs. As the entry to the obstruction, ATD-Basesockets are installed i.e. on the steel shell of the plant. Through the insertion hole, the ATD-Pressure Gas Tube will be inserted into the build-up with the Discharge Head in safe distance behind the refractory. Locked with the ATD-Grip Case to the ATD-Basesocket, the DG-Tube is breaking up the deposits by the strong release of its CO2-charge.

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