exclusive Rope-Access Partner of ATD-Abbausysteme GmbH

ATD-Abbausysteme GmbH entered an exclusive partnership with the company SIL-EX in order to expand the application possibilities of the ATD-PressureGasSystem CARDOX.

The dutch company Sil-ex is a rope access (industrial climbing) company specializing in inspections, maintenance, repairs or assembly of silo systems, tanks, containers and industrial combustion chambers at heights and in hard-to-reach places.  

The employees of Sil-ex are certified and trained by ATD in using the ATD-PressureGasSystem CARDOX, so that they can clean build-up and deposits from customers.  

With the professional climbing technology, Sil-Ex can also reach areas, for example in silo systems, from the inside. Existing approaches can be cleaned specifically, safely, quickly and reliably using ATD-PressureGasSystem CARDOX. 

for further information, please contact us or Sil-ex directly.