About ATD-Pressure Gas System


ATD is offering autarkical working Systems that make the trained operators of each plant working independently and flexible whenever necessary. For practical application of the System, the following items are required:

  • ATD-Pressure Gas Tube, the principal item of the procedure
  • ATD-Generators, to the activation of the DG-Tube
  • ATD-Lockings, to the safe mount of the ATD-Pressure Gas Tubes
  • ATD-Priming Eqipment, to the controlled release of the ATD-Pressure Gas Tubes
  • ATD-Drilling Equipment, for the production of the necessary boreholes
  • ATD-Filling Equipment, to filling the ATD-Pressure Gas Tubes with CO2


Example for an ATD-CARDOX room. Left-hand, beside the Filling Pump type   FP 360 S, the turnable Vice Spanner with attached Air Wrench for the quick preparing of the ATD-Pressure GasTubes is located.

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