ATD-Pressure Gas System CARDOX ® in Cement Industry

ATD developed all Equipment and Operating Procedures of the Pressure Gas-System for its use on nearly each stage of the Cement production.

Especially for the clearing any build-up problem under heat, the operators need to be sure of being well prepared for the job and of using a reliable system reflecting a lot of experience and know-how.

Technology Leadership

The ATD-System offers the optimum combination of an effective and economical solution while meeting the high industrial safety standards. At the same time, the operators achieve the fast and flexible reacting even on changing build-up conditions by easy converting of clear ATD-Operating instructions and installations and trained by ATD-technicians and our experienced partners.

ATD from Dortmund takes care of build-up-removals, even in the cement industry. We’re using our self-developed pressure gas system Cardox.


Let ATD take care of your build-up-removal and count on high-quality work. Contact us in Dortmund.

Cardox is the self-developed pressure gas system we use to get perfect results, when we deal with build-up-removals. Contact ATD from Dortmund.