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As early as 1950, ATD developed all necessary equipment for the adaptation of the well-known cardox-principle to other industrial applications. This was the launch of the ATD-Pressure Gas System Cardox that was used in 1961 for the first successful cleaning of a Cement Rotary kiln world wide (see photo).


The special application of the ATD-Pressure Gas System in hot materials requires a lot of experience and engineering. Today's original ATD-Equipment reflects this tremendous know-how in visible and hidden details that make it unique.


Applications of the ATD-Pressure Gas System grow with special requirements. We develop continual expert solutions to our products and procedures.


ATD-Equipment are manufactured according to modern production standards and undergo very stringent quality controls; often single-piece control. The testing of the ATD-Pressure Gas Tubes are controlled and stored digitally for their lifetime.


ATD and their partners offer all necessary services that make dealing with the ATD-System as comfortable as possible for our custumers:

General advise, planning, construction, demonstration, installation, instruction, after sales services, individual solutions, supply of services.


ATD-Equipments fully correspond to all necessary international legal and safety-technical requirements. ATD-Pressure Gas System is the world-wide leader in safety standards.



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